Most seafood is fine to eat in moderation, however some types of seafood are very high in purines and should be avoided at all costs to avoid the risk of a gout attack.

For other types of meats see:

Gout and Meat

Gout and Fish

Safe Zone

Seafood in the Safe Zone for gout contain on average 0-50mg of purines per 100g

No seafood (or other meat) is completely “safe” when it comes to gout although this doesn’t mean you have to become a vegetarian or vegan.

Select seafood from the Moderation Zone below and limit portion sizes and the number of servings per week if possible.

Moderation Zone

Seafood in the Moderation Zone for gout contain on average 50-150mg of purines per 100g

A brief overview of seafood that are fine to eat in moderation when trying to combat or avoid a gout attack.







Danger Zone

Seafood in the Danger Zone for gout contain on average over 150mg of purines per 100g

The following seafood should be avoided to prevent triggering a gout attack.



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